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We pride ourselves on the ease-of-use of our systems, once embedded, very little training is required for a staff member or volunteer to get to grips with our systems due to it’s innovative layout and chunky buttons!

Client Management Databases

One of our favourite things we love doing is building intelligent data systems that are bespoke to the needs of each individual customer. We have a base platform for managing your clients data and the services you deliver to them. Through conversations and working closely with our customer, we map out the entire client journey from initial enquiry, to carrying out activities with clients and ultimately producing statistics and graphs on the work carried out. As part of this phase we also ascertain how all data is currently being stored and find a solution to automatically migrate existing data into our new bespoke platform for the client.


Benefits / Functions

  • Migration of Existing Data automated (from your existing spreadsheets and such)
  • Interface and entire design is bespoke to your companies needs
  • Search Functions that make finding clients details REALLY fast
  • List-View forms with automated “Traffic Light” colour-coded fields
  • Mail merge plugin to send template letters and emails to clients instantaneous
  • Logs all activities by type and worker so that reports can be generated later
  • Automatic Reporting exports to Excel with beautiful charts.
  • ‘MugShot’ Plugin to add photo’s of your clients to their record
  • ‘File Upload’ Plugin to enable attaching documents to client records
  • Much more affordable than you may think! – Our quotes often come in several thousands of pounds cheaper than our competitors.
  • Scalabile – from just 1 staff member and 20 clients, to 500+ Staff and 50,000+ Clients
  • Mobility Add-On – Through  Innovative Technologies our databases can be accessed on mobile devices.
  • Time-Saving – Through Automation a lot of man hours are saved in administrative and reporting tasks.#
  • Ability able to plug-in to and build upon existing systems.


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Screenshots of our previous database work..


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