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As we move into a world where people are seemingly more and more stuck to the screens of their mobile devices! It is all the more important to ensure that your business has the ability to take advantage of that instant access to your customers. We help build mobile apps that unite your existing and would-be clients to your business.

Our Process

Initial Meeting

An initial meeting will help us synchronise our thinking..

  • we learn about your business goals
  • identify key scenarios or user stories
  • sketch up the wireframes
  • choose the platforms . iPhone, iPad, Android or mobile web.
  • validate feasibility of the project


Innovative mobile solutions may need a feasibility phase. Here we explore what technology and interaction model can be used to create the mobile solution.

  • identify technology risks and complexities
  • produce solution architecture options
  • produce technology prototype
  • demonstrate the findings.


When all parties feel comfortable we will move into the delivery phase. We split work into fortnightly iterations or sprints.

  • plan & agree on work that can be delivered within the next sprint.
  • work and clarify
  • show-case the work result
  • gather the learnings and improve

Go live

We allocate at least one sprint to make the app even better.

  • apply final polish as this will make the app stand out among the large number of apps available in the App Store and Google Play
  • apply our pre-submission checklist
  • application submission. We assist in getting your app into the app stores.


Once an app is out it needs to be kept fresh.

  • monitor app reviews
  • take user feedback seriously
  • plan and develop next release
contact us now to get the ball rolling on your app!

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